Titan Hotels Sustainable Tourism Strategy

As TITAN HOTELS, we believe that better and sustainable tourism is possible.
In our journey to reach the best, we work non-stop, focusing on the quality of TITAN HOTELS.
In this process, we take responsibility together for the better with the support of everyone we touch, especially TITAN HOTELS employees.
We believe that every step and every action we take, will bring great changes. We never quit exploring new challenges and continuously work on improvement.
We care about today and plan action for tomorrow, starting from yesterday.
We become stronger with those who choose TITAN HOTELS, we inspire each other and we get better and better. As TITAN HOTELS becomes more sustainable, we all become MORE SUSTAINABLE together.





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Insan Odaklılık

As a necessity of TITAN HOTELS' human-centered policy, we support positive discrimination concerning groups at risk (women, married women, disabled, etc.).

With the power we derive from the human-centered TITAN HOTELS culture, we start the transformation for a better future from the value chain. We dedicate ourselves to our responsibility to offer fair living and working conditions to our employees and suppliers. All together we gain strength by supporting the betterment and development of our employees and suppliers who share our responsibility.

We pay no attention to factors such as political opinion, religious preference, race, sexual orientation, gender, age, marital status, education degree, ethnicity or marginal personality.

All our employees are insured and working hours are limited to 8 hours a day. Of course, we don’t employ foreigners without a work permit. As a requirement of a healthy and safe working environment, we give high priority to Occupational Safety and Staff Health Training, use of Personal Protective Equipment, On-the-Job and Awareness Trainings.

In order to develop the local community, we preferably select our employees from the local people.

Being a member of the TITAN HOTELS community means as a whole being a family, working together, gaining awareness, educating and developing ourselves and newcomers, and from time to time having also fun together. Career development programs, socializing picnics, sports organizations and mutual aid activities are an important part of our human-oriented business culture.

Individuals with special needs among our guests, as well as our employees, are our focus. At TITAN HOTELS, while serving our guests, we are aware that every person has the right to have a holiday and that vacation is a need. Therefor our priority is the right of everyone, with or without disabilities, to have access to all facilities.

We have embarked on the path of DIGITALIZATION so that all guests and employees can easily access information.


Koruma Odaklılık

The primary responsibility of TITAN HOTELS, a sustainability-focused brand, is to guard and restore the treasures of nature. By fighting the climate crisis, we support the Net Zero Business Model, aim to protect natural resources and restore the ecosystem.

The All Inclusive Tourism branch causes a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the chain, from the production in the fields to the product in the kitchens, the cleaning of rooms and the consumed energy and water resources. With this awareness we encourage the reduction of environmental impacts in our service processes by involving our suppliers and all our stakeholders in our actions.

In order to reduce the pressure on the ecosystem, we focus on using water and energy resources effectively and reducing our chemicals by choosing biodegradable types. We try to avoid single-use products and ensure that packaged products are made of recycled materials. We encourage our suppliers to prefer FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) labeled packaging.

Being aware that most of the waste is not actually waste, we focus on saving significant resources by separating the waste at its source and sending it for recycling.

TITAN HOTELS does not use endangered species in its presentations and decorations and implements a program to eliminate invasive species.

TITAN HOTELS tries to inform guests about national guidelines while visiting natural areas.


Toplum Odaklılık

We try to mobilize our stakeholders, especially our employees and guests, by using the TITAN HOTELS brand power.

We focus on carrying out effective and measurable social projects that include guests, employees, suppliers of goods and services, universities, schools and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the SUSTAINABILITY process.

We invite all our stakeholders to participate in tree planting campaigns to equalize the carbon footprint left by tourism activities. We try to be at the forefront with our employees in the activities of the Municipality of Alanya and NGOs.

We are closely involved in all kinds of sustainable tourism planning and management organizations of the Alanya Region. We are members of the region's tourism associations and participate in their meetings and activities. As TITAN HOTELS, we take responsibility and take action to ensure that tourism activities do not have a too strong and negative impact on the local people and the region.

As TITAN HOTELS, we strive to select our employees and providers of services and goods from the local community.

We care about keeping the cultural heritage of the region alive in our facilities, in our shows, buffets and decorations, and introducing it to our guests.

Since gender equality, children's rights and prevention of abuse are of paramount importance, we give extensive coverage to these issues in our training programs.


Kalite Odaklılık

TITAN HOTELS started its journey at Club Titan, which was opened in 1988. With our 15 years of experience at Club Titan, we opened Titan Garden in 2003 and Titan Select in 2009.

We now boast on a 35-years’ experience in the hotel business while still continuing to be a brand in this industry.

For TITAN HOTELS, QUALITY is above all a matter of RESPECT: respect for the service recipient, respect of the employees for each other and their work, and respect for themselves because of the work they do. QUALITY is a systematic approach to the understanding of perfection.

With this understanding, our VISION is to be a big family with our guests and employees. We strive to offer our guests wonderful holidays with the best possible services and make them feel like they are at home. As a result of this effort, today TITAN HOTELS derives its strength from its regular guests and staff. As a big FAMILY we focus on BEARING RESPONSIBILITY TOGETHER and on CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.

QUALITY means RESPECT. With this awareness we carefully follow and comply with all local, regional, national and international legislation and regulations on health, safety, labor and environmental issues.

We are aware that it is our duty not to expose our guests to any danger, and there for we act together with laboratories, auditors, occupational safety experts and local health directorate regarding building, food and water safety.