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We provide our guests with an amazing experience in our luxurious, modern hamam, offering the best of both worlds; old turkish tradition in a modern, luxury setting. Our experineced hamam team offers you a wide range of massage techniques. Just leave yourself to their professional hands.


Well, the ritual is simple. You will find yourself in the Sicaklik. The Sicaklik (also known as Hararet) is a room filled with the sound of splashing water, the scent of soap and wafting steam through which daily concerns and worries cannot penetrate. In the gentle, moist heat your body relaxes, and your nerves are soothed. You will sit down at one of the marble wash basins, which line the walls, and adjust the temperature of the water to a delicious warmth, dip the copper bathing bowl into the basin and tip the water over your head and body. Waves of relaxation seem to pour right through you as the water envelops your body.

Laying on the warm stone in the center of the room, your attendant (tellak for men and natir for women) will pour hot water on you and begin to scrub every square inch of your body. Basically, every millimeter of dead and dirty skin is scrubbed off, even the skin between your fingers and toes.

Afterwards you are lathered with liquid soap and shampoo and given the choice of massage options (a little bit painful for the first time, but said to be well worth it). After the massage, the attendant will wash you from head to toe again as if you are a small child. One last shower and then it is time to leave the Sicaklik.

Then you are given fresh towels and taken to the Sogukluk (the cool room) to rest, dry off and marvel at your glowing, soft, babylike skin.

Peeling Foam Massage 30 min
Aroma Massage 30 min
Peeling Foam Massage 30 min
Anti Stress Massage 45 min
Peeling Foam Massage 30 min
Stone Medical Massage 60 min
Back Massage 30 min
Foot Reflexology 30 min
Peeling Foam Massage 30 min
Foam Massage 30 min
Coffee Peeling 30 min
Local Massage 30 min
Relax Classic Massage 60 min
Anti Stress Massage 45 min
Aroma Massage 60 min
Stone Massage 60 min
Lymphatic Drainage 60 min
Foot Reflexology 30 min
Anti-Cellulites Massage 60 min
Remix 60 min
Remix 90 min
Honey Massage 60 min
Tai 60 min
Shiatsu 60 min
Bali 60 min
Bali Aroma 60 min
Ayurveda Abayanga 60 min
Ayurveda Shirodara 60 min
Ayurveda Shiro Abayanga 90 min
Deep Facial Treatment 60 min
Anti-Aging 60 min
Vital Treatment 60 min
Special Treatment 90 min
Seaweed Treatment 45 min
Heil Erde Treatment 45 min

Public Baths in Turkey: From Ottoman Times to Today

Dating back to Roman times, the public bathhouse was a place for socializing, washing and business. Hamams are the Turkish version of the public bath, and no trip to Turkey is complete without a visit to one.

Functions of the Hamam

The Turkish hamam, called the "steamy sister" of the dry sauna, has long played a role in Middle Eastern and particularly Turkish history and society. Like so much else in Turkish culture, the hamam dates back to the Ottoman Empire. The steam bath in Ottoman times had three basic functions: a place for social gathering; ritual cleansing connected to the Muslim faith, which required spiritual and physical cleanliness; and an architectural witness to the sultan's greatness, power and wealth.

Originally, the use of the hamam was restricted to men, but that has since changed. In Ottoman times, each harem would have its own hamam, for women's use only. In modern times, men and women are now both allowed in the same hamam, although they bathe in separate rooms. Smaller hamams have ladies' days.