The firts thing is to make a list of what you really want to take with you. When you are preparing the suitcase you could easily thick the item which you put on the list. This will help you to save time!

Do not Forget!

  • Passport
  • Medicines that you use everyday
  • Swimmingsuites
  • Shoes / Slippers / Sandals / Light flip flops (always prefer the ones you feel comfortabe, not a new one)
  • Sun glasses
  • Books
  • Camera or smart phone. A Smart Phone (recommended) doubles as an alarm clock, MP3 player, web browser, translator, taxi finder, calendar/calculator.
  • Driving licience if you are planning to rent a car
  • An ATM or credit card for extra expenses
  • Check the weather forecast to decide about the clothes. Take only the essential clothing wih you such as; underwear, socks, pans, tshirts, pyjamas, one or two smart dresses for dinners.
  • An empty suitcase for the ones who love shopping!

If you are travelling with children ;

  • Children may effect from the weather change, be sure to take simple medicines like painkiller or medication for fever with you.
  • Hat and sun protection cream
  • Wet towels may save your day!
  • A backpack would be perfect to carry necessary items of the kids, if you love sightseeing.
  • If you are travelling in the winter, take something thicker/warmer and the outer jacket to a full-on waterproof shell with a hood to keep out all wind/rain.

Good to Know;

  • !!! Medical kit: make your own up and keep it small - just what you need to get through any bad times/emergencies until you next get to a pharmacy. Pharmacies in Alanya are excellent, easily located and you could easily order from the reception.
  • !!! Make sure to control airport rules of yours and the airports in Antalya and Alanya-Gazipaşa such as; the size of cabin bag/ the weight of the baggage, carry policy about the liquid items.
  • !!! You'll be doing yourself a big favour by keeping everything liquid in either a water-proof wash kit or zip-lock/money bags tightly fastened with an elastic band. An item leaking into your bag is a pain that's worth avoiding. If you are a couple it makes sense to share a wash and medical kit rather than double up on everything.
  • !!! Do not take any schampoo, toothpaste or showergel with you. They took place and are heavy, it is better to get them here.
  • !!! Bottom line: Bring clothes you are comfortable in and like! If they are light and practical all the better.
One last and valuable advice is choosing a trustfull tour operator or travel agent to buy your holiday!